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    Hi, I have just completed level one and want to practice before getting stuck into level two! I noticed that there were soooo many beginners who wanted to practice. This website seems to provide a space for video chat now! Shall we get organised??? Maybe on Sunday evenings at 6pm BST we could meet in the online video chat rooms to practice. Anyone up for it? Thanks and hope to sign with you soon! Hope
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    Hi everyone. I started learning BSL because i became ill with Menier's disease, and was told i would become deaf, which i have but use hearing aids. I love BSL and have just finised level 3 woohoo.
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    Hi everyone! I am fairly new to learning BSL, I have been taking evening classes for about 4 months now. I can fingerspell, talk about directions, describe peoples looks and clothes, and talk about my family (as well as other bits which I have probably forgotten!) I am in no way super confident when talking about these topics, but would love to have someone to practice with and just generally have a fun conversation and make some new BSL friends. I would love to have a video chat with either someone learning BSL or deaf or HOH. Look forward to hearing back from you guys and joining the community!
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    Hi I have a facebook page British signing on skype.. I set it up for peope to contact each other for practice , learning and socialising.. Mark Fisher on there is always eager to sign with everyone. Hope this information is benificial to;you.. maureen Doyle Pracice Makes Perfect. Southport England.
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    Hello, my name is Jo, Im starting a level 1 BSL course in September, I am a complete beginner, I havnt had any experience at all, I was advised to get as much learning in as I can before I start to give me a bit of a heads up, however I have found that alot of tutorial videos and sites that I have been on have shown to sign language slightly different to another, for example numbers. How am I supposed to know which way is correct? they are all BSL sites that I look for, I can understand if it was an American version for example, so Im a bit confused.
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    Hi there. My hearing friend and I run a sign language club at our secondary school. I completely agree with the above, as it is such a good feeling as a deaf child to be able to walk into school and sign to someone, especially with my hearing as it is now. We have only been doing it a few weeks, but the club gets bigger every week. It has been really fun, and I agree that sign language should be included as a modern foreign language. I also think it would make it easier on deaf kids in the way of oral and listening exams. Thanks Paul
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    It floats my boat! Nice and slow, easy to read ?
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    Hi Sarah, I have only just started bsl learning, about 4 weeks in now, and doing a purely online course. I get videos each week to watch and go away and practice, and then I book a tutorial and have a skype tutorial where I am asked questions and I sign. It is all signing, which is great practice. The website is bslcourses.co.uk You can choose to not do the actual qualifications and just do the training. Because a tutor works with you, they agree that you can go onto the next one. I’ve decided to just do this and eventually go onto the nvq level 6 where I then would do the assignments. It is cheaper not having to do the qualifications in between. I guess if I decided to stop for any reason, I would probably do the exams at whatever level I was at. Anyway, I am really loving it. I hope that helped! Bec :-)
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    For my two pennyworth I think that BSL SHOULD be taught in schools. When I was in school, several er well many years ago (approx 1900 and black&white!) I learnt to finger spell. We had a new boy in the class who was HOH and he taught us to finger spell. The whole class learnt real quick. The teacher thought we were real nice kids, which of course we were ? but we soon learnt that when the teacher was not looking at us we could talk to each other with finger spell. imagine what we could have done with sign! So for lots of reasons I say YES. Teach BSL in schools. What do you say?
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    Hey everyone I have only recently (August 2016) found out I needed hearing aids I am Hoh I can hear slightly without my aids. since January 2017 I have been trying to get into a deaf social group or speaking with other deaf people face to face. I have looked within my local area and I have realised that unless you are under 16 or older than 50 you have no groups or anything to speak with people who may also have issues with hearing. This has pushed me to learn BSL I want to make sure people who are Deaf Hoh or need to sign to communicate are not isolated and I am even looking into volunteers for signing interpreters I know I will need at least basic level 1 to do anything with the public but for now I'm just learning. I have just learned my alphabet and I'm currently doing my numbers 1-20 my husband again has been a great help I have only been signing 6days and I think I am doing well anyway this is my story and I hope it helps and inspired others to either learn or carry on using Sign language. I will post one picture of my hands me signing the letter S it's the only image I have of me signing
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    Hi all, my name is Alice. I've been learning BSL from free online videos and websites for a while now, I don't live in a place where I can access BSL courses and I can't afford online courses so I've been teaching myself which is frustrating and slow and probably means I make a lot of mistakes without knowing. So far I can use SSE to sign along with a lot of the things I say but BSL grammar completely baffles me and understanding other people (on youtube seeing as I don't know anyone IRL who can sign) is almost impossible. It's disheartening, I feel like I've hit a wall with what I can accomplish by myself but now I've found this site hopefully this can help me get back on the right track! I'm not deaf and I don't know anyone who is, I'm learning BSL because the language is very interesting to me, I speak 2 spoken languages fluently (English and French), conversational German and I'm learning Dutch so I like to be able to communicate with lot of different groups of people and more importantly I like knowing that people can communicate with me if they need to. Alice
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    Hi Alice, SSE and BSL are completely different as you said, and without sounding horrible or putting you down. Many Deaf or HoH people don't like when SSE is used. BSL has its own structure that yes at first is hard to get your head aound but with a little help it will all fall into place. I have completed my Level 1 in BSL and am currently working towards my Level 2. I am more than happy to help you. If you wish we can start from the start, and work our way through everything I have been taught and go from there. There are video chat rooms on here that are good so that would help, if not I do have Skype also. Good luck.
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    Hi I am doing level 2 in a class after doing level 1 online. Class is much better as you can learn from each other.
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    im Jay, I partially lost some of my hearing in one ear my 30s a learned BSL as my dad and grandparents where also hard of hearing. Ive had a successful stapedectomy but still use BSL very rarely with work and trying to teach dad the basic. I made Level One BSL about 10 years ago so rusty!
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    Oh, fun! An ASL version would be great!
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    Hi there, I want to learn it because whenever I see someone who can't speak and struggling to make understand his/her views but unable to express so there I find that if I can help him, it will be so proud moment for me that I can understand him and can translate his/her views to the others.
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    Hi, I have just completed a level one BSL course. I am English but I'm currently living in Africa, so would love someone to Skype with! I have a couple of children, and I'm two hours ahead of the UK so evenings between 6pm and 8pm BST work well for me. My Skype name is HopeNatalya. Thanks, Hope
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    Don't apologize, that's what this forum is for... Bear with me ok? See if something's completed? Or Check everything's ok? Or Check something in particular? Don't want to tell you the wrong thing...
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    Hi, This is very similar (well cut and paste actually) to my "introduce myself" post. I was born deaf but it turns out it wasn't permanent as I was just all blocked up in the ear-nose-throat department. As such I still find myself lip-reading as I was 6 years old when my tonsils and adenoids were removed and giving my hearing back. (i'm over the hill now at 40) but still love the idea of learning.
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    Hi, Ive been interested in learning sign for many years and just need to sort myself out. I was born deaf but it turns out it wasn't permanent as I was just all blocked up in the ear-nose-throat department. As such I still find myself lip-reading as I was 6 years old when my tonsils and adenoids were removed and giving my hearing back. (i'm over the hill now at 40) but still love the idea of learning. Although I'm torn between face to face learning by night school or doing an online course. Thanks for letting me in :-)
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    Unfortunately it wasn’t very good. Not enough people came that were apparently signed up for it, so there just weren’t enough people! I managed to remember everything though, so always good. I’ve just finished all level 1 training for BSL though, so feeling good! One more tutorial online then on to level 2! Cheers, Bec
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    I’m attempting to set up a BSL club in the school that I teach, to try and encourage students to learn BSL. I teach Health and Social Care and have been a doing a BSL word of the week for 2 years now. I have really struggled to find any resources to help me set up the club though.
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    I have to describe people this week. As I can only do a 30 second video I have briefly described my daughter. Is it any good? Can you tell what I was trying to do? Thank you! Bec :-)