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    Hi guys! I started learning sign language just two weeks ago now - I’ve found my favourite way to learn is by doing songs! Here’s me doing 7 years.. I have decoded the signs myself so there may be some discrepancies but I hope you enjoy😁https://youtu.be/KezRL--Ahqk
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    hello, My names merrie and I'm from London, I hope that was signed ok. really enjoying the course so far and I cant wait to improve.
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    Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe. I wanted to have a go at practising my BSL by introducing my self a little bit. Please feel free to give any tips if there is anything I don't do correctly. Thank you, Alice x P.s. I had a little list in front of me as a reference for what I wanted to say, so excuse me if I keep looking over. Also I realise my face looks really red, but it's just the lighting and my acne
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    Hi everyone. Excuse my first attempts, it is easier when I don’t have an audience but I need to push myself out of my comfort zone otherwise what is the point of learning? I have always wanted to learn. I have also signed my kids up, who I am helping to teach and practise.
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    I fell in love with my boyfriend and we where having normal conversations and then we went on a date and we had background music on and I said how wonderful the song was and he told me he couldn’t hear it and told me he was deaf I’m not going to let that stand in the way and I want to be able to communicate with him on a level that he feels more comfortable with
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    Hi, I have just completed level one and want to practice before getting stuck into level two! I noticed that there were soooo many beginners who wanted to practice. This website seems to provide a space for video chat now! Shall we get organised??? Maybe on Sunday evenings at 6pm BST we could meet in the online video chat rooms to practice. Anyone up for it? Thanks and hope to sign with you soon! Hope
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    Hello Everyone Myself and a few other individuals have started a group chat session every Saturday 2pm (GMT). We have already had 1 session and found it very useful. For those wanting to join in on our practise sessions please dm me or comment down below. We are currently using zoom, and I will send you a link to the scheduled meeting. If you are just a beginner don't be alarmed or think you are unable to join. I am doing this so that we can actually communicate with each other and benefit with other peoples experience and practise with BSL. On the day I will send/post the link to the meeting for everyone to join. Come Join In!
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    Hi, I have just started learning BSL as a hearing person and was wondering if i could join your zoom call next week as I would love to practice with people! Thanks!
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    Would anyone be interested joining a Facebook group to practice. I'm finding people aren't around here very often. Hopefully this will be allowed as it's purely for improving our BSL. It's called BSL forum
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    Hi! My name is Codie, I am 18 years old and I have started learning BSL. I am hoping to start university in September, where I will be moving from the countryside to the city to study a course which allows me to work with young children. In my work experience, I have come across children with a range of additional needs, including one boy who had never learned to speak, but was always listening and learning. Nobody in the school knew how to correctly communicate with him, meaning he was often subconsciously excluded by the other young children who found it difficult to be around him. Along with this, I work part time in retail and understand the importance of allowing people to be independent. Learning sign language would make my work place more accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and increase the independence of some people in my area who find it difficult to be alone due to needing to communicate in non-verbal ways. Along with this, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced me to leave school early and caused a lot of uncertainty. Learning this new skill is not only beneficial to other people, but also to myself, as it allows me to feel like I'm achieving something, even if it is only minor like learning one or two new signs. I'm excited to see how the rest of my learning goes and what else I can achieve, and to see how BSL helps my day to day life.
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    hello, i am Anouska. i am 37 and a mother of 3 all with special needs. i first used sign to help my then non-verbal daughter (asd) she can now talk for the most part but has a very bad stutter. i was born deaf but had an operation when i was 5 and after i had to have speech therapy to help me talk "normal". i can lip read but now my hearing is going again and i would like to be able to communicate with people. i have wanted to learn sign properly for many yrs but things always seemed to get in the way. with it being lockdown i have to time to dedicate to learning what i think is a very important skill for anyone to learn/know. i hope to see BSL being taught in all schools in the UK.
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    Hi, I have recorded a little video of me practicing what I have learnt. I'm on week 3. Any feedback would be really appreciated. I still feel like I'm really slow and I can't do any facial expressions or mouth any words.
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    Hi everyone. I started learning BSL because i became ill with Menier's disease, and was told i would become deaf, which i have but use hearing aids. I love BSL and have just finised level 3 woohoo.
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    Hi everyone, My name is Phoebe. I am 20 years old and have started learning BSL today! Having worked with special needs children in the past it has always been one of my interests to learn how to sign. Thanks to lockdown and the amazing discounted offer on the british sign website I now have the opportunity to start learning. I am hoping that I will be able to undertake a role of supporting deaf students in schools in the future. Hope everyone is staying home and staying safe from coronavirus! Take care! 😃
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    thanks for the meeting i enjoyed it!
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    Hey everyone! I am super excited to be here My daughter was born with a hearing impairment and wears a hearing aid every day, all day. Since I found out about her HI, I have made a conscious effort to include her in the deaf children's community and try to promote the inclusion of deaf students more in schools (I have been a school teacher for a decade, so I started a BSL project in my previous school to do this). I took my BSL Level 1 exam (Signature) last week and am expected to pass with flying colours! Yay! With that said, I am unbelievably excited to start my Level 2 in September and have been searching high and low for a group / forum just like this, where I can meet other BSL students / people from the deaf community and practice my skills. I look forward to meeting many of you soon (although, likely through Zoom!) Best wishes, Sarah
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    I haven't made it to any of the online sessions yet as I'm a single parent to a very active 3-year-old who likes to make a lot of noise, but I hope I can make it on the 25th! It will depend on my work as well (I'm self-employed, so when I get the chance, I work myself into the ground in the constant fear that it'll suddenly dry up!), but I really want to make time for a bit of practice with other BSL beginners if I possibly can!
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    Hello, my name is Natalie and I'm from Liverpool, I am 29 years old. Hopefully I signed that correctly. I really had to think about what i was doing then. Its not as easy as people may think. Im really enjoying the course so far and look forward to practicing more and improving.
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    Hello, My name is Richard and I work as a maths teacher in a school for the deaf and have started learning BSL. It is really enjoyable and tricky at the same time. The hardest part is all the regional variations, as I learn a sign from some where and use it in lessons and get told, nooo........... its this on...... Arhhhh! But this happens in all languages, multiple worlds same meaning, and different sentence structure. Just need to get used to it. I don't have a web cam so I can't sign my intro, sorry...
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    Usaid Tariq is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: BSL Weekly Meeting Time: Jun 27, 2020 02:00 PM London Every week on Sat, 7 occurrence(s) Jun 27, 2020 02:00 PM Jul 4, 2020 02:00 PM Jul 11, 2020 02:00 PM Jul 18, 2020 02:00 PM Jul 25, 2020 02:00 PM Aug 1, 2020 02:00 PM Aug 8, 2020 02:00 PM Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system. Weekly: https://us04web.zoom.us/meeting/upwsc-ivpz4rG9X39Jbvk4SWxbiIEpogQ7Is/ics?icsToken=98tyKu6grz8rHd2QsRiGR7Y-BY-gd-3xmCVcjfplz0bPATZYNjDBLuBLG5dvH9_h Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/78141795111?pwd=Q0JjRXBOdmJRMGN2KzF1SktkWU56dz09 Meeting ID: 781 4179 5111 Password: 3dCqGn
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    Hi, My name is Damla and I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. I work as a translator and interpreter, I love learning new languages and have always wanted to learn sign language. Having a huge crush on the UK, precisely England and English accent, I thought I'd learn British Sign Language first in order to fulfil one of my childhood dreams, understand and help people who use BSL and to add another skill to my CV. Thank you, have a lovely one !
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    Hi everyone! I'm Zoe and I'm learning BSL with a course on British Sign in between my virtual classes at uni. I'm almost at the end of my training to be a vet, so I'm hoping BSL will help me communicate with clients in the future (especially as there is a big training centre for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People nearby my hometown). I've done a bit of simple BSL in primary school, but I love learning languages and I want to improve my skills!
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    hey, I am pretty new to this also. I think the only way I will remember all the signing is if I put it into use. I feel like I have forgotten all i've learnt so far! I am going to keep coming on here and replying to some video etc hopefully that will help 🥴
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    I work in a FE/ HE mix college as a Library Assistant, we have a fantastic hearing impaired department so have lots of Deaf/deaf students. It would be fantastic to be able to directly communicate with the students without an LSA or interpreter with us. It could come in handy in the wider community too.
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    Hi Vicky! I am learning level 1 too and am interested in practising with your daughter and Georgia too. I'm a little bit older as well (19).
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    Hi Vicky! I am learning level 1 the same as your daughter! I know I am slightly older (20) but once I learn more I'd love to practice with your daughter if she's up for it
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    My name's Georgia and I have just started the "Introducing British Sign Language course"! I have already learnt the alphabet and how to count from youtube videos and I can't wait to learn more. I am 20 years old from the West Midlands currently studying at university. Due to the whole coronavirus situation I have found myself wanting to learn a skill that will be extremely useful in life as I have more time now. I think the basics of sign language should be taught in schools as something as easy as fingerspelling has the ability to ensure we can all communicate with the deaf/hard-of-hearing community.
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    I'm Carlos, I'm currently studying business in Edinburgh. I think there are so many ways of communication like BSL and thanks to this course I will be able to communicate with BSL users. I'm really enjoying this course.
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    Hi! I'm Gina and I live in Scotland. At work I have encountered some Deaf people and I have felt bad for not being able to communicate with them in their language so I finally took the decision of learning it. I find the course very interesting and I really enjoy it!
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    Hi I'm Vicky I started learning Sign Language when I was in sixth form. Myself and a friend wanted to learn so managed to convince enough of our friends to tag along so that the local college would have enough people to start the level 1 course. I had always felt my hearing wasn't great and having friends that could sign in noisy environments meant I wasn't missing out. nearly 10 years later I would find out that my hearing wasn't really the problem on paper that is perfect but I had actually spent all my life living with Auditory Processing Disorder and there was nothing that could be done to make it better. I continued with sign language and gained my level 2 qualification. I personally feel all children should be taught sign language in schools. I have used it in many areas of my life: as a teenager to communicate with my friends when I struggled to hear in social situations (something which I struggled with when I moved away to uni as suddenly I didn't have that anymore), supporting customers in retail jobs, communicating with parents of children in my class who are deaf and more recently being able to communicate with the parents of one of my daughters friends both of whom are Deaf and use sign language. That said it has been many many years since I did my level 2 and not using it means you lose it. Also I started learning in Wales and then continued in England. Regional variation is a very real thing and given some of the signs I have recapped so far on this course some have possibly changed overtime to be a bit more politically correct. I am keen to revisit sign language in the hopes that this time I can keep it up. My daughter is 3 and she already knows quite a few signs and I would like to be able to give her this language along side the Welsh and English she already has. Language is part of your identity and I think sign language should be valued as such.
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    What is my name? How old am I? What is the weather like today? (2 types of weather) Who does my family consist of? What are their names?
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    Hi, my name is Suzie and I am a primary school teacher. I am learning BSL because I feel it is a language skill more people should possess in the UK. I am using some of my time off for maternity leave and the lockdown to learn BSL. I only started my learning journey with sign language 2 weeks ago so it early days (be patient with me!) I am keen to practice and develop more as time goes on.
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    Hi, I'm learning BSL as I have been loosing my hearing for the past 2 years and am feeling a bit left out of the speaking community I grew up in. I learned to lip read sub consciously and out of necessity, but I still feel left out in crowds and while trying to talk to people while outside with lots of noise. I just want to feel included but I'm scared as none of my friends sign or feel the need to learn! Sorry, didn't want to be a downer! Am having lots of fun learning though!
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    Hi Tals, I am also looking for someone to practice with, I have recently started BSL level 2 and have realised I really need to practice my receptive skills! Let me know if you want to set something up.
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    Hi everyone! I am fairly new to learning BSL, I have been taking evening classes for about 4 months now. I can fingerspell, talk about directions, describe peoples looks and clothes, and talk about my family (as well as other bits which I have probably forgotten!) I am in no way super confident when talking about these topics, but would love to have someone to practice with and just generally have a fun conversation and make some new BSL friends. I would love to have a video chat with either someone learning BSL or deaf or HOH. Look forward to hearing back from you guys and joining the community!
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    Hi I have a facebook page British signing on skype.. I set it up for peope to contact each other for practice , learning and socialising.. Mark Fisher on there is always eager to sign with everyone. Hope this information is benificial to;you.. maureen Doyle Pracice Makes Perfect. Southport England.
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    Hello, my name is Jo, Im starting a level 1 BSL course in September, I am a complete beginner, I havnt had any experience at all, I was advised to get as much learning in as I can before I start to give me a bit of a heads up, however I have found that alot of tutorial videos and sites that I have been on have shown to sign language slightly different to another, for example numbers. How am I supposed to know which way is correct? they are all BSL sites that I look for, I can understand if it was an American version for example, so Im a bit confused.
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    Hi there. My hearing friend and I run a sign language club at our secondary school. I completely agree with the above, as it is such a good feeling as a deaf child to be able to walk into school and sign to someone, especially with my hearing as it is now. We have only been doing it a few weeks, but the club gets bigger every week. It has been really fun, and I agree that sign language should be included as a modern foreign language. I also think it would make it easier on deaf kids in the way of oral and listening exams. Thanks Paul
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    It floats my boat! Nice and slow, easy to read ?
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    Hi Sarah, I have only just started bsl learning, about 4 weeks in now, and doing a purely online course. I get videos each week to watch and go away and practice, and then I book a tutorial and have a skype tutorial where I am asked questions and I sign. It is all signing, which is great practice. The website is bslcourses.co.uk You can choose to not do the actual qualifications and just do the training. Because a tutor works with you, they agree that you can go onto the next one. I’ve decided to just do this and eventually go onto the nvq level 6 where I then would do the assignments. It is cheaper not having to do the qualifications in between. I guess if I decided to stop for any reason, I would probably do the exams at whatever level I was at. Anyway, I am really loving it. I hope that helped! Bec :-)
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    Hi all, I have started the BSL intro course and just introducing myself- my name is Emma and I live in Sydney. I went to uni in Durham and was lucky enough to learn some BSL there which I really enjoyed. I have started this course now to remind myself of some basic signs so that if and when I meet others who sign I can communicate (at least at a basic level!)
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    I just finished the topic on family and relationships but there doesn't appear to be a sign provided for Boyfriend. Can anyone show me - is it just 'boy' and 'friend'? or is there a specific sign like 'husband' and 'wife'? I'm still working on signing to the camera and knowing where to position my hands so the signs are clear so apologies for any weird looking signs. Quiz: How many brothers do I have? What are my brothers names? What did I tell you about my sister? How old are my parents? What do I not have (2 possible answers)?
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    I wish you well with learning it, and I'm currently in the same boat! What are your studying?
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