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  1. Hi Ijacoby. This is Delia. good question. a lot of people get confused with this. BSL is different from SSE (signed suported English.) BSL has its own grammer and not everyword is said for example saying whats your name? in BSL is, name you what?is signed name what? Its difficult to explain as BSL is such a visual language. Its a good question to ask your tutor. Good luck and enjoy your course.
  2. Hi everyone. This is Delia. question ? Does anybody use the video chat room? if so please link me as i would love to practice BSL using this.Thank you.
  3. HI Flic. Its great to read this. I wish you all the best with your BSL adventure. I am so confused as to why when i am in hospital , The Royal National Nose Ears and Throat Hospital, for procedures on my ear, that it is impossible to communicate with the doctor or any of the nurses because i am deaf with out my hearing aids, and not one of them can use BSL and i have been going there for many years! Its great to see the younger generation taking part in correcting this. Thank you. Take care. Delia
  4. Hi Nataliebee. Its great to read this as i am very hard of hearing myself and always have a lot of trouble at the dentist. I have been going to my appointments there for years, and always tell her, but unfortunately she just keeps talking to me from behind with a mask on! we get by somehow but it would be so much easier if her or the dental nurse, who is usually in front of me, could sign. With people like yourself around we have hope for the future. Yes i totally agree that BSL should be taught at school. There is a young boy (so rude i know, but i have forgotten his name )who has been campaigning for a GSE in BSL to be introduced to the school curriculum. i remember signing the petition a long time ago now. I wish you the best in your BSL course. Take care Delia.
  5. Hi all. My name is Delia and i started learning BSL due to loosing my hearing. I had joined this forum many years ago, but have been absent due to health and not having a laptop, which i now have. So i am hoping to use the Forum to sign with other BSL users, so that i can regain my skill. I hope you are all well and staying positive at this awfull time.
  6. morning Maureen. That sounds great. I have skype but have never used! And i am on facebook. Will try set up so that i can skype, would luv to be able to sign with people like that...on a mission now 🤓
  7. my namebis displayed wrong....my typing error! deliablueye is correct. Cant change in settings!!! great start ay 😀
  8. Hi everyone. I started learning BSL because i became ill with Menier's disease, and was told i would become deaf, which i have but use hearing aids. I love BSL and have just finised level 3 woohoo.
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