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  1. Hello both - are you able to let me know what web browser you are using and if you are on Windows, or Mac (or something else?) - so that we can do a bit of testing and try to figure out why you weren't able to connect to each other. Thanks
  2. Hello. I'm sorry that you had difficulty using the chat rooms. I can't see a particular problem with the server. Can you confirm that you aren't using a mobile device as these aren't yet supported for the chat rooms? Thanks
  3. Hello @MissJennyNg - This website has group video chatrooms (up to 4 people per room - but users can create as many new rooms as you like) - just click on the "BSL Chat Rooms" menu button at the top of this page
  4. Hello @Karla Brown - welcome! Thanks for introducing yourself - it's nice to 'meet' you. I hope you enjoy the site.
  5. Hello @Pam - Welcome to Sign Language Forum! I've moved this post into the "What is the BSL sign for __________ ? " thread as it is better suited there - I hope that's ok. I hope you find this site useful.
  6. until
    There will be a level 1 practice evening online in the video chat rooms here: at 6pm on Sunday 23rd April 2017. Everyone welcome. View this post for more details:
  7. Hello @h.n.jootna - a great idea. We have shared this on the Facebook page - Good luck!
  8. We have pushed out a few updates to the Fingerspelling Challenge over the past few days. The latest update should deal with issues relating to mobile devices that had issues viewing the game without the keyboard covering it up. If you are still having difficulties accessing the game correctly using your device please post a message here with details of which device you are using and we will take a look.
  9. Ms

    Hello @Robbo59. Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing. Good luck with the signing, and the gym! Feel free to post share your progress on here or record a video post to practice your new skills.
  10. You can now create your own animated BSL fingerspelling message using the fingerspelling message creator tool. You can change the speed of the message. The animated messages can be posted on Facebook for your friends. They can also be downloaded, or embedded on other websites. To create your own fingerspelling message click here.
  11. Hello Lew! Welcome! I hope you enjoy using the site. Let us know if you have any questions. Simon
  12. A great feature that we have recently added is the ability to record a video into your post directly from your webcam or mobile device - and it's really easy! All you need to do is click on the red icon on the right hand side of the toolbar when you are writing your post.
  13. This is an interesting video about all children learning BSL in schools.
  14. Online resources for learning British Sign Language. Including fingerspelling games, word searches, online dictionary, online course, and more.
  15. Hello. We really hope that you are enjoying your time at Because of the nature of this site we would ask you to please review our Privacy Policy & Guidelines. These documents set out the expectations between you (user) and us (operator) of the use of Updates to these documents will be posted on this topic for you to review. Basically, please be respectful to each other, to this site, and please do not use this website for anything illegal or immoral. If you notice anything on this site that you feel are inappropriate or in breach of the above policies please press the ‘REPORT POST‘ link located by each post.