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  1. There are so many good ones, I like the sign for divorce (https://media.signbsl.com/videos/bsl/signmonkey/mp4/divorced 2.mp4 ), France ( https://media.signbsl.com/videos/bsl/signmonkey/mp4/france.mp4 ), drunk ( https://media.signbsl.com/videos/bsl/signstation/drunk.mp4 ). Tortoise is also one my favourites now lol
  2. Hi It is BSL that I'm (trying) to learn, SSE is obviously simpler and much easier to get your head around to start with, and it's better than nothing, but I would much rather have good BSL skills! I would love some help but I, unfortunately, can't use the chat rooms on here and I can't use skype either, I have a really bad internet connection and it just can't cope with stuff like that which is so annoying because it's such a good tool to have. I struggle with grammar in all my spoken languages as well so it's just not a strong point of mine, it comes to me eventually just from watching people speak (or in this case sign) but it turns my brain to mush while I'm learning it lol Any help you can give at all would be really appreciated.
  3. Signs aren't 100% the same everywhere so you get variations of hand and finger placement, I guess it's like having an accent in that someone from Kent will sign something differently to someone from Aberdeen so if you're been shown 2 things that are slightly different they're probably both correct. I was shown to sign 'D' like this
  4. Hi all, my name is Alice. I've been learning BSL from free online videos and websites for a while now, I don't live in a place where I can access BSL courses and I can't afford online courses so I've been teaching myself which is frustrating and slow and probably means I make a lot of mistakes without knowing. So far I can use SSE to sign along with a lot of the things I say but BSL grammar completely baffles me and understanding other people (on youtube seeing as I don't know anyone IRL who can sign) is almost impossible. It's disheartening, I feel like I've hit a wall with what I can accomplish by myself but now I've found this site hopefully this can help me get back on the right track! I'm not deaf and I don't know anyone who is, I'm learning BSL because the language is very interesting to me, I speak 2 spoken languages fluently (English and French), conversational German and I'm learning Dutch so I like to be able to communicate with lot of different groups of people and more importantly I like knowing that people can communicate with me if they need to. Alice
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