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  1. Hello Simon: The Finger spelling challenge is just brill. The way it spells my name out to welcome me is very clever. Is there a way I can download the game so that I can practice when I can’t get on-line?
  2. Hi Simon: Both really. I mean this one I'm using now is so small it is silly. Is there a reason why it should be so small?
  3. Most people I speak to would like a larger print font.
  4. It’s so funny; I belong to a small computer group (about a dozen). We are all now playing the finger spelling challenge. What’s so funny? I am the only one who’s deaf.
  5. Hello Alice: I'm new here and I'm quite a few steps behind you in my learning so I enjoyed reading your posts (and fellowes52) As you will know from your French, it is all worth it in the end. Keep at it.
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