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  1. Gina

    Looking for practice

    Hi I am a rusty BSL signer. I am looking for some one to practice with???
  2. Hi I have passed BSL level 1- But very rusty. Would anyone like to chat?
  3. Gina

    Hi, practice buddy?

    Hi I am Gina hearing and learnt BSL level one 9 years ago. I have no one deaf in my job anymore so very rusty... would love to practise.
  4. Gina

    Weather and seasons practice

    love it understood it too
  5. Gina

    activities practice

    well done I learnt years ago but understood nearly all of what you signed... ready for next time
  6. Gina

    Hi, practice buddy?

    Hi I did pass BSL level 1 9 years ago... I am starting an online course to refresh my skills tomorrow. I will be a bit rusty but need to start somewhere.... any one about tonight to try ????