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  1. Hi I have also followed Mel on YT, yes she has one of the best YT BSL sites with an array of subjects and new learning videos out each week, she is also great for questions and answers.
  2. Hi Fleur I maybe the oldest person on here and as yet have not had an opportunity to practice, however I believe that there is a facility to report a user, which then issues warnings or ban's them. plus if it was more serious you would have evidence to pass to the police. Am sure someone else on here will be able to help you with the safety implications, it will be interesting to see how secure it is.
  3. Looks like we are all struggling to find practice I have yet to see anyone in the beginners room when I'm online. I am also new and think practise with someone is the best way to get use to signing, assuming that we do the signs right Again due to work etc I will only be free on video chat Tuesday's around 6.30pm maybe for half hour. Fingers crossed 👍 Paul.
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    I have thought about learning BSL many years ago but was confused with all the variations, now my daughter has met a deaf mute friend and is learning BSL along with her son very well, I don't see him often but want to slowly study and learn to help communicate the best I can, it has only been a week and I find it very interesting and fun to learn. Once I have leant enough I hope to try signing to other on here if possible. thank you Paul.
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