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  1. Alexia

    Hii! Someone from Stirling or nearby?

    I sent you a private mesage
  2. Hi there!! I'm looking someone to share BSL conversations around Stirling or the area. I'm a beginner student that I've learned at the Stirling university and I want to improve and keep practicing. If someone is interested, please, let me know! It will be useful and nice to share the language with someone else that also enjoy doing it. Thaaanks team! Alexia!
  3. Alexia

    Hello everyone

    A bit far away from where I am. Sorry, I just wanted to share sign conversations with someone live nearby me. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Alexia

    Looking for practice

    Someone from Stirling or nearby to practice?? Thanks!
  5. Alexia

    Hello everyone

    Hi Louise! Where are the monthly meetings? Those meetings are only for online course students? Thaaanks!