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  1. Like - flat hand taps chest twice, nod and mouth ‘like’. Don't like - flat hand swipes up chest once, shake head and mouth ‘don’t like’. Want/need - flat hand stroke down side of chest whilst mouthing the word. Or - no sign for this. You can mouth it with palms up between options being discussed. But I’d give the options then sign ‘which’ - fist hand with thumb and little finger out, shake side to side. He - sign boy then point, mouth word. She - sign girl then point, mouth word. Always - left hand flat, right fist hand with thumb up and stroke right hand along le
  2. In a school setting it is signed with just ‘m’ followed by their sign name whilst mouthing their surname. Deaf children learn with finger spelling or written words that mr is male and miss is female, with Mrs being a married female. With adults though it depends on the context and situation. Usually the first name is used but when a title is used or needed it would be the same with ‘m’ (signed) Smith (mouthed and finger-spelt) and depending on if the person is there it can be clarified with the sign ‘man’ or ‘woman’ before ‘m’ for the title.
  3. Sign not allowed- both hands in number 7 position with index fingers pointing to each other and shake up and down together, mouthing ‘not alliwed’. If you sign must it should be for ‘you must be nice’ ‘must walk’ ‘must stop that’ etc but not used in ‘must not’. Use ‘not allowed’ or ‘have to’ which is signed like must but raise eyebrows and mouth ‘have to’ rather than ‘must’.
  4. Sign ‘person’ then sign ‘look after’ but mouth the word carer. Look at the site Spread the Sign or BSL Sign Language Dictionary. You just type in the word you’re wondering about, press search and videos pop up to watch how it’s signed. Of course there are regional signs so your area may differ but it will still be recognised by a deaf person and will do until you ask a local person. Also, some words just aren’t on there or simply don’t have a sign, so try an alternative way of saying it if possible.
  5. There won’t be anything too complicated so don’t worry. Try making little notes next to the sign to help you remember how to do it when practicing away from the teacher. E.G Name - two finger salute from temple. Please/thank you - almost like blowing a kiss but mouthing the word. Good luck
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