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  1. around on line - zoom, or on video chat for practice?
  2. Am around Saturday morning - would be good to practice if anyone is out there?
  3. good on you!- out of comfort zone! - and your doing very well!
  4. agree - and will start a zoom now if anyone wants to join - is it secure to share email addresses - or should we get the BSL website to arrange this?
  5. would be great - would houseparty - or zoom better?
  6. maybe we could do a zoom with everyone - or even a open houseparty?
  7. would be great to practice Sally - drop me a line or post?
  8. Hi Leah - likewise - but i'm not a teacher - I just want to learns something new!, let me know if you want some practice time!
  9. I'm a complete beginner too - am keen to practice - let me know if you want to practice!
  10. am doing the same things - if you fancy some practice - let me know!
  11. Anyone else need a practice buddy during this weird corona time?
  12. hi - sorry - sorry - just got dressed! - are you still on - which video group?
  13. Are you guys already practising - any chance I could join in?
  14. Couldn't agree more Claire - This is a great opportunity to reach out and communicate with everyone!
  15. new hearing member too! - would love to know where how what - and learn something new every day!
  16. Hi Everyone - i'm new to signing - and looking to extend my ability to communicate with people far and wide in all different sorts of channels. I have studied many spoken techniques like NLP etc in attempting to promote change and motive individuals to explore the world of possibilities - and I would like to learn BSL to find out what I could potentially offer the deaf community in SW London. I am not claiming any miracle work - but if I can inspire one more person - then all the better. Looking forward to hearing from anyone - even just to say Hi!
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