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  1. Wow I have just found this post.. from the start of lockdown many months ago! Since this post I have studied extremely hard and I am now qualified up to Signature BSL Level 2. Started my Level 3 at the beginning of this month and I have developed such an appreciation and passion for the language and culture behind it
  2. Hi Jessica, Your next step would be to look at undertaking a Level 1 course. Be sure to consider this carefully however as courses are quite pricey. I recommend bslcourses.co.uk to study your Level 1 with Happy learning!
  3. Do you have skype? If so, add me live:phoebewallington and we can arrange a time to practise!
  4. Hi Molly! Do you have skype? If so, add me live:phoebewallington and we can arrange a time to practise!
  5. What is my name? How old am I? What is the weather like today? (2 types of weather) Who does my family consist of? What are their names?
  6. Hey Ellie! Your hand positioning looks okay for a beginner to me, just maybe try and sign with your arms/hands closer to your body. Don't worry about the camera - you will get more confident with that! From that video, I could understand that your boyfriend's name is Steven. Keep it up! If you would like some extra practise, I could do a skype/zoom call with you if you would like? I am level 1 so it would be beneficial for me too😁
  7. Hi, I have never actually used the chatrooms themselves but I don't think they are ever very busy. If you would like to practise and have skype or zoom I would be happy to connect with you so that you can do this. I am on Level 1 BSL so would be helpful for myself as well. 😁
  8. Hi Alice, Great video! Hope you're well. I could understand your signs, just a few discrepancies here and there but will come with time and confidence. A few tips from me: - You don't need to use 'what' before everything - it is known as a rhetorical question so is better to use it here and there. For example, 'name, me, ellie' and nod your head. - Also, when you sign age, the numbers should come from your nose and this therefore tells viewers that you are talking about your age. Hope this helps, thank you 😃
  9. Lovely video, I understood you completely. Your mum is called Sally. You have 1 brother. He is called Martin. You are married and your husband's name is James. He is tall with a beard and blue eyes! One piece of advice I can give is try not to add 'what' to everything. It's known as a rhetorical question in BSL and is much better used here and there. For example, 'mum, name..' nod your head. Hope that makes sense 😃
  10. Hi, Hope this helps! As seen in the video, there are a couple of versions of the sign for this word. There may also be more! If you are looking for individual signs for words it is worth downloading the SpreadtheSign app on mobile devices😀
  11. - 2 Brothers - Matt - Felix - Sister has 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy - Dad age 78. Mum age 66. - You have no pets. You did very well to sign this information, great start. Just a little disjointed in terms of connecting the sentences but that will come with time and confidence. Also just an extra bit of information, you do not need to sign 'what' with every piece of information - it is more used as a question. So for example you can say 'Name, me, Ellie' 'Age, me, 24' etc. Does that make sense?😀 See video below for how I sign boyfriend.
  12. Hi guys! I started learning sign language just two weeks ago now - I’ve found my favourite way to learn is by doing songs! Here’s me doing 7 years.. I have decoded the signs myself so there may be some discrepancies but I hope you enjoy😁https://youtu.be/KezRL--Ahqk
  13. Hi everyone, My name is Phoebe. I am 20 years old and have started learning BSL today! Having worked with special needs children in the past it has always been one of my interests to learn how to sign. Thanks to lockdown and the amazing discounted offer on the british sign website I now have the opportunity to start learning. I am hoping that I will be able to undertake a role of supporting deaf students in schools in the future. Hope everyone is staying home and staying safe from coronavirus! Take care! 😃
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