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  1. I've always wanted to learn BSL and almost did while working in a Deaf school a few years ago. Unfortunately I was working through an agency and they moved me to another shool. I remember a few of the signs, which is a relief. My Sister in Law is fluent in BSL as she used to work as a BSL interpreter, so I have someone to practice with if I need to. Also the teacher I currently work with knows a lot of BSL and has recently done her level 3 exam (I think it was level 3).
  2. Wow - this is a low salary! I work as a TA in Notts and my FTE is £22k - plus we actually get paid for the full 52 weeks, not TTO. I currently work 21hours and make almost as much as this is for 32.50 hours. People can't live on this.
  3. Good Morning, I live in the East Midlands and started to learn BSL while I worked in a Deaf school about 6 years ago. My contract expired so I was unable to complete the course. My SIL has worked as a BSL interpreter, so I'll have someone to practise with.
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