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  1. No worries at all! This weekend is (unbelievably) a little busy for me, so let's stick with 6.30 next Thursday. Have a good week.
  2. Hi Laurie, Hope all is ok - I waited for 10 mins at 6.30 today. Let's get another session in some time soon. All the best, Mark
  3. Great. Let's do Thursday at 5.30. Yeah a regular thing would be good too. let's chat about it on Thurs!
  4. Hi Lau, Yes of course! How about Thursday at 5.30 or Friday morning be? Laurie does that work for you?
  5. Hello! Does anyone know a good resource/book/website that can help me with the order of signs and grammar? I know a lot of vocab but struggle to make sentences. Thanks! Mark
  6. Hi Laurie, Yeah of course. No probs at all. Let me know when you're feeling better and we'll sort a time. Hope you get better soon. M
  7. Hi Laurie, I'm afraid I've got to drive to my sisters on Friday now. I can do Saturday morning? Or Monday between 5 - 7? M
  8. Hi Jeannine, So sorry. Yes, I was stuck in work meetings. I'm free for the rest of the day if you are? Or happy to do next Tuesday at the 3.30pm time. Sorry again. M
  9. Hi Laurie, i'd be up for another chat next week? Wednesday at 5.30pm? Or Friday anytime in the afternoon? M
  10. Hi Jeannie, Yes I can make it! See you in an hour.
  11. Hello! So sorry - I got busy with work this week, but all is now sorted. Yes please let's try again! I even learnt travel words as we agreed! Could you do next Tuesday at 3.30pm? or Wed 11.30am? Sorry again for missing our last session.
  12. Hi Jeannie, so sorry i was running late today for our 3pm meeting. I'm free now if you're still around? Apologies again!
  13. Hi Laurie, yes that's fine with me. I'm free from now if anyone wants to join earlier.
  14. That's perfect for me. See you then. M
  15. Hello - i'm afriad something has come up and I won't be able to join you at 8pm. Would love to have practice sessions this week if any one is up for it? Anytime on Monday or Tuesday works for me!
  16. Hi Laurie and welcome! Looking forward to seeing you all at 3pm today. Shall we say 8pm on Saturday to pin down a time?
  17. Hi Laurie, Ok, let's all meet in the 'Beginners video chat' at 3pm on Friday the 8th.
  18. Hi Graeme and Leighton, Thanks for posting. I'd love to chat in the 'video chat' section of this website to try and maintain a conversation as Graeme suggested. I'm still very new to it all but have now enrolled on BSL level 1. I'm free Friday 8th between 3 - 6pm, Saturday 9th at 10am or Monday 11th at 10am?
  19. Hi Jeannie, I've no idea how it works either as I joined up this evening too! That would be great! I'm free in the morning tomorrow? Shall we meet in the 'beginners video chat' at 10am?
  20. Hello everyone! I've been learning BSL for two weeks and am looking for someone to practic with. I'm very new! If anyone would like to have a short practice conversation with me, do get in touch! Happy to arrange a good time that works for you. Thanks!
  21. Hello everyone, My name's Mark and I work im an event manager. I've been learning BSL for two weeks and would love to connect with people to practice. I'm very new!
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