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  1. Hi Mark, I did wait, but I guess you're busy today. Im free this friday if you have some time. Otherwise let me know if u have a time available next week
  2. Hi Mark, Sorry for delayed response, yes tomorrow (tuesday) at 3:30 would be great if you can still make it
  3. Hi Mark Im still about if you see this. If we miss this week do you want to try again next wednesday at 3:30 (or whatever time suits)? Let me know
  4. Hi Mark im still here, just trying to get into chat room see u in a few
  5. HI Mark, 10am sounds good. Looking forward to it see you there
  6. Hi everybody! My name is Jeannie, Ive taken the golden opportunity offered while in lockdown to fulfill a life long wish to learn sign language. I want to learn sign as I am slightly hard of hearing myself, I have hearing aids and for my 2 year old nephew who has been diagnosed with kabuki syndrome and currently cannot speak. I'd love to hear from anybody wanting to practice as I haven't had much chance so far and would love to build my confidence Many thanks
  7. Hi there Mark! My names Jeannie, I have no idea how this site works as I only signed up an hour ago. Ive been learning BSL for about a month now, I'm available tomorrow for some practice if you would like
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