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  1. Is anyone doing a higher level course in British Sign Language in Northern Ireland or know of any jobs going in the area using It?
  2. Hi Everyone My name is Helen, I'm 26 and reside in a town called Newtownards in Northern Ireland! (Please comment if you live close by! :-) ) I am a qualified classroom assistant in a secondary school supporting a pupil with physical impairment and epilepsy. Because my job has been put on hold because of the current situation, I decided I wanted to learn something new and found the BSL website. I am currently on Module 6 of Likes/Dislikes and have absolutely loved the course so far. I find I am picking up the signs extremely quickly and would now love to go further in this particular field. If anyone ever wants to practice with me or as said above, if you live in Northern Ireland too please send a reply Hope everyone is keeping well!
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