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  1. Haha i was the same. Put it up on Facebook and told family and you should as it is an amazing achievement Yes it feels like going in new and blind almost for me too. No we dont have any training to do but heard layout going to completely change operating of the day and just so unknown. Not helped by fact i support a student in my job with epilepsy and her seizures are triggered by anxiety nervousness etc so me and her family who im very close to are worried. What is it you do again? x
  2. Thank you so much!! ❤ Was so happy and relieved as they do throw in a few tricky ones but yea got my certificate printed out and currently on my desk! Im sure you will smash it when the time comes as well Aww the work situation with everything here is so hard atm.. im supposed to be returning as a classroom assistant in Bangor at end of August and feeling quite nervous about how different its going to be. Hope stuff with your family is okay. Im here if ever want to chat or can pm through fb if you want - Helen McConnell. Good luck with continuing the modules. Keep me updated
  3. Hey! aww hope it hasnt been too stressful with anything in your life. i got 100% i was so happy. Trickier compared to previous assessments but good and relieved to have got my certificate which you can print out at the end Hope everything is going well with you. Which module are you currently on? Helen x
  4. Has anyone who has completed the very final assessment at the end got any advice or tips on what it's like and how best to prepare as guessing it's a longer and intense version of the previous tests. Not looking for answers don't worry, just want to know what it's going to be like.
  5. Hi Spencer I'm just about to take the final assessment / examination. What I did was just take 1 hour each day studying the topic you're currently on. I found it best watching the videos and writing notes down for ,myself either with the description underneath the videos or a way that I would remember and associate the sign with. I would then make sure I could remember and successfully sign and understand all the different signs on that page before ticking it off and moving on to the next one. Slow to some people but worth a shot. :)
  6. Aww thank you, i will let you know once I've completed it. Hope you continue to enjoy and pass all the modules too 😊🤞
  7. Yes i write notes that makes it in a way i can recognise and learn it through there going through topics 1 by 1 🙂 I'm revising it for it in the hope of doing it Wednesday. Only passed the last module 9 on Friday and take the weekends off to relax so going to revise the next day or 2 for the final assessment
  8. Awwh brilliant good to know someone from N.I doing it as well and deff not that far away :) Very good! the lessons have been brilliant. There is a lot to learn and take in with some of the modules but i found i worked best commiting myself to an hour in the morning taking notes and learning it. That way you're not trying to cram loads in at once as there is a lot of vocab in certain modules but ive really enjoyed it so far. How do you find it?
  9. Hi Ciara I'm from Northern Ireland too, I live in Bangor! I've just completed module 9 and revising for the final exam
  10. Hi @Jeetus Maximus Sohpal Can you put up a screenshot below to help us see what you're referring to Please? Thanks Helen
  11. I'm going to go with a website called The Course Mix, they have levels available in BSL and is accredited by the CPD certificate upon completion.
  12. Is anyone doing a higher level course in British Sign Language in Northern Ireland or know of any jobs going in the area using It?
  13. Hi Everyone My name is Helen, I'm 26 and reside in a town called Newtownards in Northern Ireland! (Please comment if you live close by! :-) ) I am a qualified classroom assistant in a secondary school supporting a pupil with physical impairment and epilepsy. Because my job has been put on hold because of the current situation, I decided I wanted to learn something new and found the BSL website. I am currently on Module 6 of Likes/Dislikes and have absolutely loved the course so far. I find I am picking up the signs extremely quickly and would now love to go further in this particular field. If anyone ever wants to practice with me or as said above, if you live in Northern Ireland too please send a reply Hope everyone is keeping well!
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