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  1. Unfortunately, I was alone this weekend. Hopefully, a next time better! My invitation for this meeting might have been on too short a notice. I will have another opportunity to practice our signing later this month.
  2. I would like to practice signing with other people, who have started to learn BSL. This weekend from 10:00 to 11:00 I will be in Room 2 of the Video Chat. That's the one for beginners 😉 I hope some others are able and willing to join me, so we could practice our signs together. Hope to meet you this weekend! 🙂
  3. I found this video with a couple of city names in BSL. Nottingham is one of the cities!
  4. Hi Bert, Switching hands is no problem at all! BSL users will switch hands all the time, depending on a variety of things like where is the person you're signing to (on your left, on your right, or somewhere else), etc. I realised I am switching between hands too. For example, when I quote a dialogue between people, I use one hand for one person, and the other hand for the other person. Or when I describe a room, I use my left hand for the left half of the room and my right hand for the right half of the room. So, no worries! 🙂
  5. I would love to join this practice group as well, if you still have room for one more person. Unfortunately, I can't email you, as your email address won't become visible to me. Could you email me? My email address is [email protected]
  6. When working in Diversity and Inclusion in the field of LGBTI+ people, this video might be of interest for you: Have fun learning this beautiful new language! 🙂
  7. And another three ways: 1. Facial expression: use non-understanding facial expression 2. That sign, I don't understand 3. Stop, that sign, what?
  8. Hi all, My name is Jochem, and I'm Dutch. I have a British friend, who really benefits from BSL. So, I started to learn British Sign Language. Being fluent in Dutch Sign Language (DSL, or NGT in Dutch) it is both easier and harder to learn BSL. Easier, because my hands, my eyes and my brain are already used to a visual language. And harder, because sometimes I mix both sign languages. I assume after some practice I will most likely end up signing BSL the way I am speaking English: you will understand me well enough despite my accent 😉 Cheers.
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