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  1. I would happily learn along with both of you too! As a teacher of pupils who use BSL this is really helpful and having people to practice with outside of work would be amaze! Izzy
  2. Hi All, My name is Izzy, I am a secondary science teacher who has a fair few pupils who use BSL. We have our support but I decided I wanted to do more, I wanted to communicate 1to1 with these pupils and find ways that I can describe the world of science to them as I am more then aware BSL is even harder when science is brought in to it. I have a lovely year 7 pupil who each Friday tests my understanding of key words in science into BSL and then if I can put them in a sentence and he teaches me those with the help of one of the schools signers and I teach him the science! I have also been working through the online course and loving it, but sometimes I wish I could practice a little bit more with people as practice makes perfect, right? Look forward to getting to know some of you! Izzy
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