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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, My name is Izzy, I am a secondary science teacher who has a fair few pupils who use BSL. We have our support but I decided I wanted to do more, I wanted to communicate 1to1 with these pupils and find ways that I can describe the world of science to them as I am more then aware BSL is even harder when science is brought in to it. I have a lovely year 7 pupil who each Friday tests my understanding of key words in science into BSL and then if I can put them in a sentence and he teaches me those with the help of one of the schools signers and I teach him the science! I have also been working through the online course and loving it, but sometimes I wish I could practice a little bit more with people as practice makes perfect, right? Look forward to getting to know some of you! Izzy
  2. Hi all! I'm Tiffany and I've recently started learning BSL as I'm an Area of Need Lead for Sensory and Physical in a Mainstream Secondary School in Essex. Looking at the students my team and I support, many have a Hearing Impairment that is supported by hearing aids and radio aids. In September I will have a 14 year old student starting who is profoundly deaf and previously required a full time signer along with a full time note taker. Unfortunately our school cannot provide a signer and parents agree that we are still the right provision. I am learning basic BSL to enable me to communicate with the student until she is fitted with cochlear implants. So far I have completed the first 3 sections and really enjoying it. I'm waiting for other members of my team to sign up so we can practice and encourage one another.
  3. Hi Everyone! My name is Abi, I'm a 24 year old Technical Fashion Designer that lives and works in London. I wanted to learn BSL to make the most out of lockdown. I'm hoping to turn a difficult situation into something productive and helpful! I have just completed assessment 3 and I am really enjoying it. I have been trying to look for a way to sign 'Fashion Designer' but I can't seem to find this. Does anybody know this sign? Or is it best to fingerspell in this instance? I am looking forward to learning more and getting to know you all!
  4. Hi, my name is Amber🤗 I am 18, 19 in July, and wanted to start learning BSL due to my upcoming career goals. In January, I'm going to be studying midwifery at UWE Bristol and I thought that learning BSL could help me and my classmates in settings with mothers who may be deaf/hard of hearing 😊
  5. Hi guys I briefly began to learn BSL when I was about 12 or 13 and I have always been fascinated to learn more. 10 years later and I am learning BSL as a full-time hobby and, hopefully, I can find something (i.e. a career or voluntary work) where I can begin to use it in day-to-day life. I am really enjoying the course so far and look forward to completing my Level 1 this year.
  6. Hi. I am 34 years old and have been profoundly deaf since 6 months old, but have never learnt sign language so I am taking my chance to now. I live in Wales and work as a vet near Liverpool. I have only just started doing an online course, although I am familiar with fingerspelling. Are there any BSL groups or evening classes in Oswestry, Powys or Neston (Wirral) that anyone can recommend? Thanks Chris
  7. Hello everyone. I’m new to BSL and currently doing the Introducing British Sign Language on British-Sign and then I’ll be starting BSL level 1. It’s not easy finding someone in Highams Park (east London) to practice with but this Forum seems a good place to chat with video so I hope to be up to speed soon. Feels silly not being able to sign much yet but looking forward to being able to chat to you online soon. bSL is going to be my achievement for this, my 40th year. Sadly my partner Gary doesn’t seem interested in learning with me.
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