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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, As a beginner to signing I'm finding it incredibly important to read lips, especially for signs that have multiple meanings. Does anyone know/have experience of how the deaf community is managing whilst a large portion of the world are wearing face masks? I can't imagine signing without the exaggerated expressions and mouthing, particularly for those who are not fluent. Let us know your thoughts!
  2. Hi guys, I am an admin for Cirencester Community Response Page. We would dearly love to be able to put out some videos / information that has a signer supporting the messages. We are conscious that right now, we don't have these skills and will be leaving out some in our community with whom a telephone just isn't going to cut it. Would anyone be able to spare some time and help us using something like Zoom (or willing to be guided here) to record signed messages that we are able to share with our community? contact - [email protected] Thanks in advance! Rob
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