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is there anyone who would like to do some practice with me via the chat rooms.??  I have logged onto the beginner rooms but no one else is there??  if you would also like to practice please do e mail me on [email protected] to arrange a time.  i am doing level 1 on line and know i need to start to do some practice.



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    • Hi everyone!  So I love musical theatre but I can't find a sign for it?  Please could someone tell me if I'm just being stupid and can't find it/what you use instead? Seems like a lot to fingerspell! Thanks
    • Hello, my name is Caoimhe. I'm 17 years old, so I'm in year 12 of secondary school. I currently live in Spain (from the UK) and I've always struggled with languages, but i recently found out I have dyslexia which is the reason I've always struggled with the reading and writing side of learning, which is why I've taken this opportunity to learn BSL, a visual language. I am throughly enjoying my coarse and seem to be picking it up quite quickly. It is really enjoyable for me to learn because it gi
    • Hello,  My name is Karen and I am complete beginner to BSL. Having worked in office environments for 20 years, I decided to look for a complete career change and have decided to learn BSL as a step towards this goal. I am a language graduate so learning a new language is always something that appeals to me. I am currently learning via british-sign.co.uk and enjoying the experience so far.  Like many people on here, I would love to practise when I am a little more proficient (location East
    • Hello, my name is Georgina. British Sign Language is something that I have always been keen to learn! I think that is a very important skill  to have. I also work in a nursery and am fairly new in post with the SENCO role, I use basic Makerton on a day to day basis and learning BSL will teach me a new language in which I will be able to use in my role. Having been furloughed this is the perfect time to learn. 
    • Hello,  I am a HLTA  in a primary school, I love learning and developing my skills, as a teaching assistant I think it is important to continue to develop for the ever changing world. I am enjoying learning through the BSL website. Melissa x
    • Hey everyone! My name is Kally, I am 35 and I am a complete beginner to BSL, I’ve always wanted to learn as I am a preschool teacher and feel it will help my practice as well as giving me a whole new language! With things the way they are right now I thought it would be the perfect time to commit to it. 
    • Hello everyone, I love using the fingerspelling challenge. You know, the recognise-as-many-3to5-letter-words-in-two-minutes test...? Well, I can play with the speed marker edge on the first tiny fast arrow fairly comfortably now, but my scores still average between 25 to 30, with my top score being 35 I think... My difficulty being the typing! The speed of my typing (still needing look at the keyboard sometimes!) really lets me down. Hey ho, I know it's still helping me improve. But it
    • Good morning all, Fellow Primary School Teacher looking to learn a new skill. Some children in my school learn Makaton and one of them may be in my class next year so hoping to learn some things to help them. Learning alongside my fellow Year 1 teacher (2 form entry) so hopefully we can practise with each other!
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