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Can I sign back 'where' if the question is 'what'?

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Just a curiosity after going lesson 3.

I work in a museum. Front of house team member. If someone signed to me 'work you what' would it be an appropriate response to sign 'work me where museum' ? And could someone teach me the sign for museum? 

Also, does anybody know a sign for Portsmouth?

Thank you for any help :) Shelby.

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I wouldn't say I'm a receptionist. I'm a front of house team member, I can vary shift to shift what I do. Some days, ticket sales, other days I'll be working in the gallery or shop etc. Even in speaking when people ask what I do, I just answer that I work at a museum because it's easier.

Thank you! I will look at that now :)  And I'll remember that for portsmouth. Sorry I didn't see this response until now!

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