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Hi all,

My name is Ilona and I am a trainee teacher trying to learn a new skill whilst in quarantine. 

Hope you are all well! 



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Hi Ilona!

I tried to send a video back but my Mac has other ideas today!

I'm new to BSL too. How are you finding it?


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No worries!

I’m fairly new to it but I’m really enjoying learning it and picking it up! Thought it would be fun and useful to use in the classroom. 

How about yourself?

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Hi I am new to learning too, I have used makaton in work but my partner is hard of hearing so we are both learning sign language so she will never feel left out of conversations in louder places. It is hard but at least with lock down we have a bit more time, though we are both in education and still working. 

Nice to meet you. Sign language is great! 

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I'm really enjoying it too!

I've wanted to learn for years, I did try and teach myself a few years ago but I told myself I would learn properly this year, and the lockdown has proven perfect timing!

There are a few signs I'm struggling with, I'm not sure if it's the course I am doing that is over complicating the signs though as when I search for the same signs online (Youtube and on other websites) the signs seem to be slightly different which is causing me a bit of confusion! One example being 'Birthday' - for some reason I can't seem to do it (I'm probably over thinking it!)

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