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Why I am learning BSL

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Transcript (I encourage you of course to watch before reading transcript! :) )

Hi everyone. So, I am learning BSL because...hold on. Trying to deal with the lighting and the lighting. Sorry about the sun. I am earning BSL for two reasons really. Firstly because I enjoy signing and decided to give it a go. I am fluent in American Sign Language and use to interpret and...I now teach. Basically, yeah. I want to learn more signed languages so, why not? Maybe I can work with deaf people in the UK or...just meet people who know BSL. Who knows? I'm interested. Let's see where my interest takes me.
Other reason. Well, I live in America and in one word: Politics. That's all I am going to say about that. Ha. Bye!

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    • Hi,  my name is Sharon, and I am so excited to be part of this community.  In my job, I work with a collegue who is deaf. I have always wanted to learn signing and this has certainly promted me to put this into action.  I am looking forward to having conversations with my collegue and also learning when I go wrong and any additional help. Good luck everyone
    • BSL is something I have always been interested in learning and I have learned small bits here and there, however I have taken this opportunity during lockdown to do an online course.  I am currently studying Occupational Therapy at university and it is clear how important communication is in healthcare. I think that being able to understand and carry out basic signs will be beneficial to me when working as an OT and I have met numerous people (both on placement and in my personal life) who have
    • I've always wanted to learn BSL, as have always found it fascinating - the ability to communicate without speech! I also am regularly reminded of how easily people can become deaf, and I think learning BSL makes the world more inclusive for those born deaf too. I also work with a society in my uni that provides day trips to young adults with disabilities, and some members struggle to communicate verbally. Therefore, I think learning BSL would help them and me, and I could possibly lead on to Mak
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    • Hi My name Caroline . i am 55 years old . I am learning sign language while i cannot work . i work in a school so i may be a good thing to learn.
    • Hi all, I'm a support worker, and I've been working with the deaf community for a few years - learning BSL along the way (I was about to start my level 3 before lockdown happened)  - and now we're in lockdown my caseload has all moved to facetime! Because we took a while to get all our tech sorted out and deal with other crises, I have fallen out of practice and I'm really hoping to build up my fluency again and improve my receptive skills so I can offer better support to my service users  
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