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Sentence structure

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Hi everyone, I would love a bit of help if someone has a minute I would be very grateful. 
I’m learning BSL with my two young daughters (8 and 6) as the little one is in and out of hospital with her ears so trying to be proactive.  I’m trying to keep it interesting for them but also want to make sure we’re doing it right.
Could someone please tell me the correct structure of: “could you pass/give me (random item) please”.  We’ve learnt the signs for lots of different things but it’s time to start putting them into sentences.  
Thanks in advance for any help.


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Hi Anja,

Not sure if you still need help with this but I did the below video for you. Sentence structure as follows -

"Hello Anja"
"Nice meet you"
"Name me what - Jeet"
"Your question"
"Try this"
"Give, mobile phone, please"

Happy for anyone to come in and correct any of the above, i only got my certification last week Friday.


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