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I was so embarrassed

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HI Everyone 

I'm Vinnie,  I'm 34, I work for a Uk Holiday Airline, I'm Cabin Crew ✈️ and I've had way to many embarrassing situation on the aircraft with Deaf people which has made me want to learn BSL, I don't think it's acceptable for any person to be left out or excluded just because they;re Deaf/HOH, and even if I wont be able to sign everything i think it's important to be able to sign the basics, Airports are crazy enough for hearing people as it is, I cant even imagine what it's like for a deaf person trying to get information, i get lost most of the time and I work at the airports. This should be included in general education at schools for all kids. its common courtesy. and even if my basic signing helps someone in needs of help or being able to provide a better travel experience then it's 100% worth it . ALL AIRPORTS should at least have one person on duty at all times that can sign to help out if needed or just to provide general information. 


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