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Asking someone if they like something


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I believe the sentence structure would be "like you rugby" with a questioning expression.


"Like" is tap twice on the chest with flat primary hand, "you" is point to the person, then "rugby" is mime throwing a rugby ball. All this is covered in lesson 3 or 4 I think. The hobbies/likes/dislikes lesson.



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Found the relevant part, and it' would actually be "Rugby you like?"


This is taken from lesson 3:

"The structure of asking a question in BSL is:



LIVE (topic) > YOU (subject) > WHERE? (question)

You can see this in the phrases we have been learning:

Spoken English

British Sign Language

What is your name?

Name you what?

How old are you?

Age you what?

What job do you have?

Work you what? / Work you where?

Where do you live?

Live you where?

Are you Deaf, or hearing?
Deaf hearing you which?"
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Thank you all very much for the help. I was confused as I wasn't sure how to phrase it like a question, I'm assuming by facial expression rather than a sign. I didn't want to make it sound like I was saying that person like rugby instead of asking them if they did.

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