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Bec Meachin

pepper (the salad variety)

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Anyone know how to sign pepper – the salad ones!?

I can only find the type in a pepper grinder! 

Thank you!


Bec ?

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Sorry Bec, that was my first thought as well. Maybe the letter P then hand flickering away from the mouth similar to the sign for Garlic? 

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Thanks Colin. Is that the type you put in a salad though? I thought perhaps just the black stuff you put on your dinner, haha! I’m getting quick at finger spelling now though, so just spell out if I don’t know it! :-) 


Thanks again :-)

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I learnt that (salad) pepper sign on my skype tutorial today. The video hasn't been uploaded yet once it has I'll check and do the sign for it on here

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    • Hi Lizz, My family are Wirral based and my daughter and myself have just this week signed upto learn sign language as my six year old grand daughter has developed some deafness so we are preparing for the worst.  That said we both are interested in learning BSL anyway.  Well done to you for deciding so young in life to learn & what a wonderful gift for your present condition.   I hope your total deafness is a long way off, Take care ChrisM
    • Hi, I'm Catherine, not sure what to do here as each time I clicked something it froze? Anyway, I'm 61 yrs young, I'm from the Wirral, Cheshire, UK. Long story short... At 16yrs of age I decided everyone should know sign language. I knew nothing about it apart from my brother had joined the specials police and was given the alphabet to learn. Of course, he never, but I did. And that was it, the start of my journey. I've signed every since. Taught myself from books, reality hard work! And later became an Interpreter for the deaf. Absolutely  loved my job but due to health problems I had to give up work. Devastated me as I loved it. But I've never stopped signing. Taught many people over the years and still do as and when I'm able. Then... I became deaf, 😮 I wear 2 hearing aids but they've told me what I have will eventually go totally deaf. It goes completely on me but comes back to the level I have, he said one day it will go and it won't come back. It was a struggle initially getting used to the deafness, but I'm not bothered, I was well prepared wasn't I! God has been very good to me. I use BSL and SSE, I'm probably way behind worth the BSL touch, but I'm never too old to listen and improve! I hope!  So I have communication and since I've taught all my friends to means I've plenty of people I can chat to! 😉 Sorry, that's a long post! 😱 
    • Hi can anyone help?  Are there any BSL interpreters that could come to NW1 for 12.30 until 2pm today please?  NHS booking
    • hi all. this is my first time on this web site. i have been profoundly deaf for four months. i want to learn BSL so that i can teach my wife, so that i can understand what she is saying to me, so she can tell me what other people are saying to me  
    • Yes 100% what’s your skype name I’ll add you?
    • Hey, I'm 20 from England too currently learning BSL Level 1 and need someone to practice with, if you're still up for it?
    • Hi! I'm Laura-Jane, i'm 19 and am in my second year at University studying British Sign Language and Interpreting. I found this forum whilst looking for extra fingerspelling practice but I'm also looking forward to getting to know other people who also have an interest in BSL!  X
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