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Hi, my name is Kevin, and I've always wanted to learn sign language. As a kid I assumed that it would be thought to me in school eventually, however when I was old enough to learn that the school isn't exactly a place for valuable life skills, I didn't really have the mental energy or time to learn what I wanted to.

 It's been a few years since I've left school, and I'm doing a lot better mentally, so I decided it's finally time to learn and even though I've never met anyone who speaks bsl, I'm excited to eventually be able to communicate with them, if I ever meet someone who uses bls. I think it should be a much more common skill especially in customer service workers such as myself.

 (I apologise that my attempt at finger spelling my name is out of frame in the video I attached, I found it difficult to sign whilst looking in the camera, and couldn't work out how to remove the first attempt from the post.)


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