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Short section needed in BSL for a play

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Hi everyone,

I'm hoping someone here can help me.

I have written a play, a solo show, and there are a couple of sections in which I will be signing BSL. I completed a certifying basic BSL course, so I can sign, but these concepts are quite subtle and tricky (mainly about spirituality and religion, or certain specific actions such as 'stumbling'). I know some of them, found others online, but I still don't have all of them so I'm wondering whether anyone can send me in the right direction?

A BSL consultant/coach would be ideal here because I also want to make sure I do all the signs right, after I learn what they are.

But in the meantime, if everyone has any pointers for me, I'd be super grateful. Either showing me the signs for this section, or advising who to contact.

It's only 250 words (not all of them to be signed), about half a page. Here's the text below.

Thanks so much in advance!



NOTE: Only the parts in italic are signed (and spoken), the rest is spoken only and is given here for context purposes.


Sorry, sir, I can't hear you.


A feeling. Thats how you described it, wasnt it? I said, how do you live your spirituality if you cant recite the Quran?

Its a feeling, you signed. It can happen at any time, any moment. I could be on the bus, or cooking. Or talking to you. And I just know, and I am grateful.

(Awkward) I dont get it, I said. I also get a feeling, sure, its my Faith that God is there, Hes everywhere, but -- learning the Scriptures, studying them, reciting them brings me closer to God. Makes me feel right, inside. Thats the best we can hope for in our earthly life, is it not?

Sure, you replied, simply.

So how can you... (A beat) Im sorry. Im not trying to make you feel inadequate, I just --

You just want to know what its like to be me. Its okay. I understand. But you cant. Only I can be me. You can only be you. And we can only do our best, until were living the life God has given us.

(A little annoyed) Yes, obviously, but —


It was a baby, officer. I turned around, from the distance, and saw him getting near, stumbling towards the backpack.

(Laughs) Little baby explorer. He wanted to check it out, play with it. It's not a toy!”, I shouted. Back when I could shout. Speak, even.


Please, officer... Will you save me?


(To the baby brother, smiling) Hey, how are you? (…) I love you. Lets go.




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