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Regular weekly 'virtual' meeting anyone


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I have just joined, and I am keen to learn BSL.

I am currently doing the 'Introducing British Sign Language' via british-sign.co.uk

I am keen to learn, and after the above course, I would like to enrol on a Level 1 BSL online programme, the trouble is, there are so many when I research, what one is 'the one?' 

Would also like to virtually meet up once a week to practice too.




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Hi Sammi. 

Did you manage to find someone to practise with ?

I'm on lesson 7 of the same course,  although you've probably moved on quite a bit since then.

I would like to find someone to do a bit of practise with if you're still wanting to to.

I'm away next week but after that I'd be happy to give it a go.



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