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Hi everybody,

I hope this is not a silly question but I am just about to start learning sign language and I have a choice between iBSL or Signature, is there any difference between them and which is the best? 

Many thanks,



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    • Hi my name is Marnie , I am currently on furlough and decided to do a course. I choose to do BSL course as we have a regular  customer who comes into my work who is deaf , and I had some very basic knowledge . So I thought I would like to expand my knowledge and be able to communicate  with this customer more and anyone else. I am enjoying doing the course and have be teaching my 2year old granddaughter a few signs , especially when she is colouring which helps me as well.  I find when out walking my dogs I will be practicing or if I hear a word I will be fingerspelling it .
    • Hi, I’m Tammy from near Bristol. I began to lose my hearing at the age of 40, now I have grandchildren who are learning BSL at school, I thought it was about time I learned too.
    • hi im liz   i am a single mum with 3 sons i trained as a teaching assistant and have always wanted to learn B.S.L to be able to broaden my teaching ability.
    • Hello! My name is Ella and I currently live and work in London. One of the very first things that I have absolutely loved about living in London is the experience of so many different cultures, which obviously includes languages. I have always wanted to be fluent in at least one other language and have never done anything about it - now is that time! I work in a customer facing role and I don't see that changing any time in the near future - even if it does, any role will require communication with others. I have always felt ashamed that I haven't bothered to learn another language properly and BSL seems so neglected that it seems like a good place to put wrongs to rights. Rather than a verbal language that always makes me embarrassed with accents and annunciation, I suddenly decided to learn BSL! I believe if I can get confidence in this then I will be more inclined to not use embarrassment as an excuse anymore and broaden my horizons - proving I can still learn another skill!
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    • Hello Lola, I understood some of what you are signing. Is it possible to write it aswell please. Many thanks Sue  
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