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hi !

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    • Hello, I am Etienne, I am French but I have been living in London for the past 2 years . I am a Project Officer in an NGO. I don't have anyone around me speaking BSL but I always wanted to learn the french one but never had the opportunity to do it. Last week, one of my friends started this course and told me about it so I took it too and I really enjoy it
    • Hi! I am Sam and have wanted to learn BSL for years.  Having worked in Health & Social Care for the past 20 years, I now work within Community Development. On a day to day basis I meet lots of different people and with the benefits of volunteering and being more connected within your community filly accepted and promoted more and more often I find myself working alongside people with additional needs who may benefit from my ability to communicate with them using BSL. I currently live in
    • Guest
      Good Evening all. Call me FearOfButteflies or Zoe I'm a KS3/4 Science teacher from England. I signed up to this 2 days ago due to the corona virus and being home working. I have always wanted to learn sign language and feel it will benefit me as a teacher in so many ways! I am 22years old and love learning new exciting things. I am a keen gardener and do lots of home work in agriculture, home growing and farming. I own 1 Doberman called Indy, 1 cat called Tilly, 2 guinea pigs called Pe
    • Hi, Im a Nurse & wanted to learn sign in order to form effective communication & understanding with my Deaf/deaf patients. This would also allow for better relation/trust and not single them out. Hope you guys can support me <3 
    • I decided to try and learn some basic Bsl due to you never knowing who or what you may need it for in the future. I think that everyone deserves and has the right to talk to everyone and anyone regardless of disabilities. I hope to continue doing this and learning more every day
    • My dad taught us children the alphabet and a few basics as we grew up, he worked with a deaf gentleman many years ago, they struggled to communicate well with him so whilst he was still there, my dad borrowed a book from the library, talking hands and taught himself. Bob became a friend on my dads for many years. I owe it to my dad ❤️ 
    • My friends daughter is learning Makaton. AS im a student teacher and obs now with 5 months free, i wanted to learn BSL. Are there huge differences and would I be better learning Makaton? Thanks
    • What are the differences or similarities between BSL and Makaton. Ref - learning to communicate with a 3 year old with Down's. 
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