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  1. thank you Lysandor ,Rolando and Daron....:)
  2. so in question "who is your doctor?" you would sign "your doctor who? with lower eye brows...or to sign "who is your doctor?" would be ok too...?
  3. thank you guys...so it seems that the words who or why doesnt need to be at the end of the sentence..question?
  4. just one more sentence...." does she have basic class this year? and I signed" have basic class this year She?please respond. Thank you.Alicja. t
  5. Hello ALL....I hope you can help me....I went over Dr.Bill on you tube lesson 01...there is different way to write a question and speak up and there is different way to sign the same question.. So I was practicing with my friend ASL , just conversation..making sentences and write them down and then sign to each other....I did ask question: "Did he do basic level ASL last year?" it was about his friend"s father. And I tried to figure out how to sign this question...came out with :" basic level ASL last year He? "was that ok ...or what other way I should sign? Please help....Thank you...Alicja.
  6. Thank you so much...yes what you sign is on ASL handspeak by Jolanta , she is Canadian....are you in Canada?
  7. until

    That is great idea...hopefully more days like that...
  8. Hello All again...I seen two versions of word "job" one on ASL dictionary handspeak which is letter J and and letter b facing you...and Dr.Bill on youtube ...using letter i and open hand facing you with fingers together but not letter B...which you prefer ???please respond.
  9. Hello All I would love to find someone here to be able to chat here using ASL. I am a beginner but spent many hours studying. Still have problem to send video msg. Hope can meet you on face book messenger where you can do video call and use ASL. I am looking forward to connect with anyone of you in near future. Please see my profile. Blessings. Alicja.
  10. O I see ...was watching previous responses and yes now understand what you meant...I wish I can send video...still working on computer how to do it....thanks guys. Alicja.
  11. on Jolantas ASL dictionary handspeak on web is as second choice to use fingers crossed...what did you mean first version , did you mean from her advise? first version..
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