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  1. The video recording is not working for me and it won't let me upload my own recording so let me know if you'd like to see this translation signed. Let me know what you think of this translation: now, here, we dif-dif-dif embrace/love, world connections celebrate. Hope always stay. Happy Holidays... etc. It's a little abstract but I think it demonstrates the conceptual/visual nature of ASL and conveys the message appropriately.
  2. I would also like to chat sometime! I would consider myself an intermediate (maybe advanced? I don't want to get big headed) signer and have taken four semesters at my school - I also plan on entering an ITP after I finish undergrad. Do you have Glide?
  3. Hey Autumn- I'm also in my 4th semester of ASL (at Colorado State - so jealous you are going to my dream school!) I'd love to chat and discuss this, as I have a few ideas! 😄
  4. Hey there! I am a senior at Colorado State and am currently taking my fourth semester of ASL. In one year I will be applying to the interpreter graduate program at Gallaudet and so I am here to help immerse myself in the world of sign language in order to improve my proficiency. I would love to videochat about a variety of topics; so if you've got something on your mind, let's chat about it! In my free time I love to paint, listen to music (anyone here into metal?), and I'm currently teaching myself the guitar.
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