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  1. Izabel Ramirez

    Hello from ASL2 signer.

    Hey Mina! I feel the exact same way and I also live in Cali! If you haven't found anyone message me!
  2. Izabel Ramirez

    NEED Practice With ASL

    How did you start learning ASL?
  3. Izabel Ramirez

    ASL Online Practice Buddy?

    Hey eveyrone! My name is Izabel, I am 18 and have learned ASL in highschool. I took all the way till' ASL 3 and I love it. But, unforunately my college doesn't have ASL classes and I'm afraid of losing all what I've learned, and I hope to be able to a fluent conversation if I ever come in contact with someone deaf or hard of hearing or a signer. It would be great if someone intermediate or advanced could practice with me, however I am open to help beginners. It would still be technically practicing, as long as I get sommething, I'll be happy! I'm not really on facebook anymore, so I'll try my best not to lag if you message me