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  1. Hi peeps. Ive posted on here before. I'm still open to meeting more people that use the app Glide to sign with. I'm specifically looking for ppl intermediate to advanced. Im looking to better my skills by signing with people. I myself am intermediate and have completed 3 levels of ASL. Feel free to reach out if interested. My glide is TNBarlow
  2. I put that I’m intermediate 😊 my glide name is TNBarlow
  3. Hello peeps! Just thought I’d post every now and then that I’m always looking for new ASL buddies. I’m a junior in college and am very active on glide. I’m very serious about practicing and learning to become fluent in asl. Feel free to message me or reach out to me on glide if you’re interested. I’m am intermediate at sign language currently. My glide is TNBarlow 😊❤️
  4. Oh I just saw this haha. Sorry. I already sent you a direct message though 😊
  5. Hey if you're still looking I would love to sign with you. I'm looking to become an interpreter and have been looking for people with a more advanced level to sign with. I currently consider myself intermediate but am looking to become fluent. My glide is TNBarlow if you'd like to chat!
  6. Hey! I too have completed my 3rd year in American Sign Language. Im looking to become an interpreter and joined this site for extra practice as well. I discovered the app glide and have been using that to practice ASL with people. Feel free to add me if you're interested! @ TNBarlow
  7. Hi! That's awesome that you love interpreting. I'm looking to become one as well. About how long would you say it took before you became fluent?
  8. Hi! My name is Tatyana. I am on the path to becoming an interpreter and would love to sign with people who are currently fluent in ASL. I would consider myself intermediate. I can understand ASL and hold conversations, but am not fluent yet. I also have the app glide as another form of communicating. I am very serious about becoming fluent in ASL. I am a junior in college and have taken all the ASL courses my school offers. -Thanks for reading my post! I'm looking forward to meeting new people
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