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  1. iamlex43

    My reasons to speak with my hands

    if you dont use it, you lose it right? hope i can get to the level where we can help each other through practice. i live in a different country, so ASL is used here ALTHOUGH some deaf people do study it so that can communicate on a global level. for now, i am confined to the internet to learn.
  2. iamlex43

    Lex from Korea

    FOODTRUCK didnt sign that very well
  3. iamlex43

    Lex from Korea

    wow!! I need help! My name is Lex. I am getting back into studying languages and ASL is the next one for me. I live in Korea but hope we can communicate a lot. Please reply below, and follow me on instagram @unclelex43 ALSO my house is always a mess. I just got back from an event yesterday... please excuse the mess. I blame the dog
  4. iamlex43

    Good at vs. Bad at

    thank you
  5. iamlex43

    Lex from Korea

    Hey, My name is Lex. I am American but settling down in Korea. For the tourism industry, I want to be able to provide ASl as well. Most HOH/Def students in Korea study ASL well so this would be the most universal sign language that I could learn. I am a complete beginner. So looking to take tips from anyone. Thank you.