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  1. I know this is old, but maybe if you could offer the type of help you are looking for. Not sure what kind of class you are taking.
  2. Thanks for letting me practice with you. It was a short time, but maybe again on Monday - We will see!
  3. I am a product of Detroit Public Schools. When I graduated, each person was supposed to do at least one year of a 'foreign language'. Not sure of a better term to be inclusive of ASL, but wouldn't it be grand if a year of ASL was offered? In High School, at least, all the kids could have a chance to learn the Alphabet, Colors, Numbers and some simple greetings. I have niblings (nieces and nephews) and I am sure to teach them all the IMPORTANT stuff: cookie, ice cream, bathroom, mother, father, eat, hungry, sleepy, and the alphabet, too. All before they start school. I think that would be great for ALL kids. I believe that exposure to ASL serves several purposes: It helps people to express themselves, being exposes to ASL could help them to see the D/HoH Community as not so 'foreign', and it could get more kids to learn to become fluent so that there is increased communication. Please try to get ASL into your schools. Preferably before grade 3, but as a catch-all, in High School.
  4. Guys, this is awesome! I need to book mark this page this time! How about we 'chat' on Wednesday, July 22, at 6:00 EST...... and whoever wants to join, can????
  5. Hi, Alex I lost this page, then I had to recover my password. I am sorry for taking so long to respond. Yes, I am interested in getting some help. Thank you for the offer. I am on FB (Apryl Voner). It's usually the best way to reach me. I am in the Eastern Time. I am available a couple of hours a day from 6 - 8.... I would love chats (multiple people?) of about 15 minutes each.
  6. Hi, everyone. I have been 'learning' sign language for years, mostly through books and rewinding when I see it on television. I used to work with the Sign Language Ministry at my church, but my current church doesn't offer the service. Now that we are on Lock-Down, I have been actively working on it again. I am Hearing, and I have no Deaf friends who I can practice with. I want to be able to communicate with others.
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