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  1. If you'd like to learn sign language, I'm here. Just message me anytime. I'm full deaf, in case that's important to you. 😊
  2. Born deaf, ASL was my first language. Here to help. 🙂
  3. In our culture, all we have to do is sign that exact signal as you mentioned above to get in fights. ( We barely even manage to get the beak to touch our other hands before they attack. ) By the time it hit year 2000- we all grew smart enough to just make a beak shape, and leave it by our jaws. We knew we wouldn't make it, and we knew we were asking for it.
  4. I just downloaded it, I will let you know how I like it. The introduction is thrilling.
  5. ASL = More gestures, and facial expressions. Less conjunctions/ more interjections. More for acting, vividness, and less cluttered. English = Less gestures, moderate facial expressions, more monotone. A lot of conjunctions are added, and way less interjections. Words are more cluttered, and baffling. ~ I am deaf, and was born deaf. ASL is my first language, SEE ( English sign language ) is my second language. ~
  6. ' I poked my chest with my index finger, then pointed my right closed fingered hand against my chin, pulled it down to my left palm that was awaiting in front of my stomach: I'm good. ' (ASL) Born deaf- Growing up in the deaf culture, we didn't sign "Good, I am." We always sign "Good." Or "I'm good."
  7. I'm deaf, and ASL is a language I depend on in my daily life. Time is time, there's always a tomorrow. I'm here for you.
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