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  1. Hey man. I'm a new hearing asl learner. I transport crude oil and work on learning languages in my spare time. I need to find a consistent deaf "buddy group somewhere or here in texas. It seems that the Deaf community is very shy.
  2. Lucy, Are you hearing or Deaf? I am a hearing student new to ASL, the Deaf community the whole "shabang". But I really want to learn, but I have so many questions.
  3. The last three sections are the following: [Bridge] And I say You're the one I wanna be with (yo, yo), when the sun goes down You're the one I wanna be with (the one I wanna be with), when the sun goes down Singing, you're the one I wanna be with, when the sun goes down You're the one I wanna be with, when the sun goes [Chorus] And that's the sound, of sunshine coming down! And that's the sound, of sunshine coming down! [Outro] Hey, hey, hey (when the sun goes down) Hey hey hey (when the sun goes down) hey hey hey hey When the sun goes down! ------------ So before the "I love you" that the interpreter says, I think it is "the sun goes down"
  4. Hi Michelle. What state are you from? I'm a hearing guy from Texas that is starting asl. Any advice would be great. Do you know any types of events, or get-togethers that they might be inclined fo do in Texas? Thanks. .
  5. After thw singing stops, she makes the sign for "I love you." Then the sentence she says at end I think is just repeating the written text on the screen about the Festival.
  6. Message Dr. Bill Vicars, on lifeprint.com https://m.facebook.com/lifeprint?groupid=116416545124215 He teaches online at ASLU, American Sign Language University and has ALL the answers.
  7. I understand how different sign languages are naturally adapted and developed throughout the world but I have never understood why a universal governing body has not been created to help universalize sign language around the world
  8. Hi judith and carter. I am new as well, here in Texas. Lifeprint.com I understand is an amazing website. I speak English, Spanish, and am working on French, and want to start in on ASL. As far as finding native ASL speakers in your area, call different churches, they sometimes have groups that get together. Also, google deaf/hard of hearing associations in your area, and contact local college teachers of ASL for advice.
  9. Hello all, my name is Joel. I'm extremely eager and interested in ASL but I hardly know where to start. I am a lover of spoken languages and really am in awe of ASL and its speakers. Quality is a big issue to me and I don't know what ASL "Bible" to refer to in order to base all of my learning from. In spoken languages, it's easier for me to discern quality language and informal/formal speaking. I would love any and all suggestions and advice on learning material. Also, thoughts on Lifeprint.com? Thank you so much.
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