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Hey all, I'd really appreciate your help with this.  Is there a different sign that would mean THE view vs TO view? What I mean is, are there different ways to say 'LOOK-AT THE VIEW" vs "WE'RE GOING TO VIEW A MOVIE"
Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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THANK YOU Rolando. That was VERY helpful.  I had looked online but everything I found  was 'to-view' something...movie etc...nothing that discussed a 'beautiful view'.  Thank you again.  I appreciate your help.

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    • Hi everyone! I just started learning ASL a few days ago and hope to further my learning by practicing through video chat on here! I am an extreme beginner so I'm in search of other beginners or experienced signers that are willing to be patient.  If anyone is interested, I would love to schedule a time! Can't wait to learn more!!
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