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You can now create your own animated ASL fingerspelling images using the fingerspelling creator tool.

You can change the speed of the animation.  The animated gifs can be posted on Facebook as American Sign Language messages for your friends.  They can also be downloaded, or embedded on other websites.

To use this tool click here.



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ok so I can finger spell faster than I can read it so took 3 times to get 



but think good way practice. I have dyslexiadoes this change or maybe why  struggle so much. others pick up so fast even kids in at can I grab pen paper and hold on go back and shared that letter again. I. ant watch myself sign even I close my eyes do better. but was thinking at why so hard but when I look my hand I see back of my hand watching others it's front looks different was think maybe why.  it sure. when I get this down I think will be good as I struggle talking. right now it new words I never heard  or too many to put together what someine saying so I'm at what's that word........what word that word you just said.. .......which one.......the one I can't hear and never heard and no clue what your saying that word. blahhhhhh. what do you say when someone name is not usual and no idea how to say it but they yell at you or speak robot or tell you 20x and I can't hear them so no not sure how to say it I end up just stop talking and at hey you. or a nurse writing on the wall look at patient when speaking she can not hear you asked a question at time looking at the board I didn't answer she got mad but she was putting up look at patient when speak at the time. the light doesn't turn on does it not until it's you. does it turn on ever . or is my only hope in getting with only those like me. my life if all hearing peole who get mad or upset at me. I'm hai ing sarcasm a I get frustrated is this normal.  I knew Braille was for blind people so when they don't know I'm going blind but know I can't hear them why do they offer Braille. I can see them

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    • Hi all, I tried to learn a ASL years ago, but didn't get very far, as learning resources were harder to come by. I have always wanted to pursue it again. Recently, after seeing a few videos and movies that renewed my excitement, I enrolled in an online course. However, the most effective way to learn a language is to put it to use. So here I am. I hope to be able to practice with like-minded individuals. 
    • Hello! My name is Heather and I am interested in ASl because of my Deaf/hard of hearing family. My husband and two of our four children are D/HH. My husband has a moderate to severe hearing loss, our oldest son, 24-years-old has a mild to moderate hearing loss and our youngest son, 9-years-old has a moderate to severe hearing loss and speech issues. Their hearing loss is a congenital progressive sensorineural hearing loss. My husband and oldest son have lost more of their residual hearing fairly slowly over time but our youngest has lost his at a faster rate and he relies on sign to communicate because of his hearing loss and speech. He has an educational interpreter in school who is amazing! He has picked up on sign quickly but we have struggled to learn. With our youngest identifying with the amazing Deaf community, the fact that he is losing his residual hearing quickly and his hearing aids are not effective, and the need to communicate with him in sign daily I feel anxious to learn and become fluent. I have loved the Deaf community members that we have met and really want to be able to communicate with others. I look forward to learning and communicating on here! 
    • Im super into theater, btw