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  1. I have always struggled with my hearing. It kind of crept up on me to be honest. It started with turning the tv up / asking people not to mumble / using subtitles on tv etc. then it was pointed out to me that I always position myself so I can see faces - and that I am very adept at lip reading. I wear two hearing aids now and when I got those I burst into tears in the middle of spec-savers (possibly not my finest hour). I never knew, for example, that car indicators make a clicking noise - or that the birds in the trees chatter so much. I know, however, that one day l will likely be deafer. BSL has always been a thing that I thought should be taught in schools from the get go. After my wife had a Deaf student (and interpreter) at work - and she learned some basics to make him feel hopefully welcome and more comfortable - I decided that it was time for me to learn it too. I am finding it a wonderfully expressive language - that feels full of kindness and inclusivity. Finding this course - and these forums - has helped immeasurably x thanks Chris
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