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  1. Yes, it does depend on whether you are left or right handed. Use your dominant hand to do most of the movement. I am learning Level 2 and know someone who is an interpreter. I always struggled with her signing until I realised she is left handed.
  2. It might be worth looking at some Level 2 videos )loads on Youtube) and see how much you remember before going right back to the beginning. If that's too hard, then look at some Level 1s instead.
  3. Hi I am doing level 2 in a class after doing level 1 online. Class is much better as you can learn from each other.
  4. Thanks, Simon. I had two goes at recording my name sign and both recorded but the screen is just back. I can hear background noises though. It must be me because I'm not very techno savvy.
  5. For some reason I can't video. I have enabled Adobe flash player. Anything else I can try?
  6. I learned to finger spell when I was 15 so my best friend and I could use it to talk in class without being caught. Many years later, I was able to use it to talk to a deaf lady but was frustrated because it was so slow and I wanted to be able to sign properly. I was fascinated when at events where the speaker was interpreted in BSL. When a deaf man started coming to the church I belong to, several of us had the chance to learn some basic signs so that we could talk to him. This resurrected my desire to learn so I started an online BSL level 1 course and am now attending BSL Level 2 and about to do my assessments.
  7. I am doing BSL level 2 and have a week to go before doing my assessments: Presentation and conversation. Eek! I need more practice. I live in the West Midlands.
  8. Hi I'm also in the Midlands - Telford to be precise. I'm just doing BSL Level 2.
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