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  1. no problem! always happy to help even though I was abit fast and forgot that you just only start learning BSL also thanks for your patience when I was signing a lot.
  2. sure also sorry abit late was working with my support on work
  3. yes it does I am hard of hearing and use BSL you should sign what you most use like writing or typing open door thing like that but if you naturally use right hand that fine just act like you write with your right hand but the thing you should not do is swap hand or mix like spelling name using e left touching right then for r right touching left I can suggest to pick 1 main hand and stick with it I hope this understand and helpful
  4. yes I would use what ever hand you use to act at the top of guitar and make it smaller so it look like you playing one
  5. hello I will ask my signer support and will get back asap
  6. hello what a great question I should say I am hard of hearing and use BSL the reason farm is sign like that because when you think of a farmer they normally have fat belly hope this clear it up!
  7. hello just a tip could you speak with your voice off as deaf/hard of hearing read lip a lot like me also will ask my signer what is the sign for it too!
  8. I guess we could still have 1 on Friday 3pm if anyone are willing then do another 1 on Saturday abit later on what everyone think about that ? welecome! yes it always better to go face to face and luckly I am hard of hearing and use BSL a lot
  9. hello! that is great to hear I just want to make sure that Makaton and BSL is 2 different thing and people think it just the same but when it is not I hope this will help you in being speech and language therapist
  10. hello as I said I am hard of hearing and do use BSL but also lip reading I think in the uk we are still in lockdown and we can video call each other and can see each other also if a person wear a mask I cant understand them at all but some of my full deaf friend they cant speak and only with their hand because they are not use to talking as much that mean expressions is really important and depends on the person as well I hope this help
  11. hello I am heard of hearing and I do use BSL and that is a good question I will ask around because I never think about that one
  12. what time would work for you ??
  13. okay! but I might be abit late because I got some college work I will try to aim for 3pm
  14. hello! great job I do use BSL and for starter is not bad the only thing I would tell you if talk with your voice off because people like me lip read but also there is a lot of sign meaning 2+ e.g 1 sign can mean 2 different thing so that why your mouth must be clear to lip read but carry on and soon you will be ace at this! also quick note I don't know any sign for boyfriend and what Phoebe show to me is son/boy 2 time but every town/village have their own sign
  15. hello I am free on any of the day and more people the better!
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