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  1. Hello Naomi,

    Wandered if you might like to practice sometime? I have finished level one and two and looking for people to practice with. I am learning the more you practice the easier it becames and more friends you meet. We can start at any level or subjects. Let me know if your interested ;)



  2. Hi everyone. I'm learning BSL as I'd like to be able to support the D/deaf community if I ever need to. I also have a neurological disorder which affects my speech so sometimes I find it easier to sign when I'm unable to talk. My stepmum can finger spell which helps but it can be difficult having to finger spell everything. BSL is something I'm hoping my new PA can learn so we can communicate together. I also feel that BSL should be taught as a language in schools; maybe even mandatory basic BSL. I feel it's an important life skill. Also being dyslexic I was unable to learn oral languages but I'm finding with BSL it's much much easier and I think if BSL was taught in school it could help a lot of children wether they have dyslexia too or are D/deaf/hard of hearing or have another disability etc.
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