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Question and answer structure

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Hi got a two part-er for anyone that can help.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question, I'm just after some clarification.. 

First part:

If someone were to come up to me and sign "what is your name." Am I correct in thinking that the signs they would use would be (name your what?) 

... So my response would be....

My name is (name) so I'd sign (name me what? (name)) I'm sure I'm correct so far.. 

What I'm asking is; could my response just be the sign for "my name" so I'd sign (name my (name)) and leave out the question? 

If so is this true when using where, when, who, what and why? 

Second part: 

If I were to be asking the question or any question for that matter.. Do I say the words for the signs I'm doing? So would I say "name you what" as I'm making the signs or do I still say it as "what is your name" even though the structer of the signs differ? 

Thanks for any help. 


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With regards to speaking and signing at the same time i watch sign duo on youtube who sign between themselves (ASL not BSL though) but one translates into english. They have said before if you have the ability to you can speak in english grammar as you sign but many people (especially if you are new) struggle so tend to speak then sign one after the other. I think she said she often does SSE when she is doing the videos as she struggles to translate both together and is used to just either speaking or signing one at a time.

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Hey :)

The reason our reply is "My name what sign" is basically training wheels to help with grammar, as the same with when you start learning English. Outside the classroom it wouldn't be needed.

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