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Hannah Whyte

This is me and would love your feedback

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I have just finished lesson 3 on the intro to BSL so thought I would come on here to introduce myself. I’m new to this so any feedback would be appreciated!



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hi Hannah,

from what i could see you were very clear with your actions and mouthing in time.

im a level one but very rusty but i got nearly all of it.


well done

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Hi Hannah from Birmingham.  Well done.  You're quicker than me! I had to watch your video 3 times..  I've just finished the course last week.  I found it very good to learn signing.  I think practice is the big thing and I am not there yet on reading someone but happy with my signing.  I have my grand daughter to help me, as she has mild-moderate hearing loss and this is very rewarding.

In your video, for you're  job you, I think you  spelt it with an 'i' instead of an 'o'.  Hope that's not be too cheeky😀

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Hi Brian, 

thank you for your feedback... I think you’re right I did an ‘i’ instead of an ‘o’ 🙈 practice will make perfect! I am also hoping to learn the sign for producer soon so I don’t have to spell it out. 

that’s great that you’re learning to help with your granddaughter, that’s amazing! Keep up the good work 👍🏼 

thanks again,

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