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Word of warning!

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Do not get taken in by the cheap courses for BSL. Some websites advertise their courses priced at ridiculously low prices e.g marked down from £149.99 to £15.00 - but do not sign up to these courses. If you read through the specification of their course(s) and do not see it as being registered with Signature or iBSL then avoid like the plague.

I got taken in by the cheap pricing on one of the websites and after starting one of the courses I was disappointed to learn that it was nothing but useless PowerPoint slides and hardly any signing at all. Valuable lesson learnt regarding pricing and a reminder - "If its too good to be true...........".

Please be wary and if in doubt ask here :)

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Hello Member, 

I am so sorry to hear that.  Unfortunately there many cheap BSL courses out there and not aligned with signature and iBSL and it also hard to find a reputable course delivery by an experience tutor.  Are you interesting in learning Level one BSL? If yes, I am happy to provide the information. 

Kind regards

Sadaqat (New member) 


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